Chilli peppers can be broken down into the following five species.
Capsicum annuum: This includes many of the more common varieties such as the bell or sweet pepper, Hot Wax, the Cayenne pepper, the Jalapeño, and the chiltepin pepper.
Capsicum frutescens: This group includes the malagueta, the common tabasco and Thai peppers, piri piri, bird eye and Malawian Kambuzi.
Capsicum chinense: This group includes the hottest peppers of all such as the Ghost Pepper, the Habanero, Moruga scorpion, Datil and the Scotch bonnet
Capsicum pubescens:  This group includes the South American rocoto peppers and have hairs on the plant unlike other species.
Capsicum baccatum: This group includes the South American aji peppers.
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Capsicum annum
This species is the most commonly and extensively cultivated of all the five domesticated capsicums species This species comes in a wide variety of
Capsicum baccatum
Chilli Pepper varieties of the C baccatum species have white or cream flowers they also have a typically green or gold corolla The flowers can be
Capsicum chinense
C chinense is a native plant to Central America also the Yucatan region and is most common to the Caribbean islands In warm climates the plants are
Capsicum frutescens
The Capsicum frutescens species most likely originated in South or Central America It seems to have spread very quickly throughout the tropical and
Capsicum pubescens
Capsicum pubescens grow as a shrub but sometimes present as a climbing plants They grow up to four-meter and are woody plants that grow relatively
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Thorís Thunderbolt  10 x Seeds
Thorís Thunderbolt 10 x Seeds
Thorís Thunderbolt chilli is a stunning hybrid developed in North Queensland. What this hybrid is created from is not known, however we do know, itís an amazing chilli pod.
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Habanero Red 10 Seeds
Red Fatalii x 10 Seeds
Moruglah F5 Superhot
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Syrian Allepo
Sugar Rush x 10 Seeds
Bubblegum 7 Pod