A Selection of Chilli Related Videos

Please feel free to check out our vids. We have plenty of info from our team of reviewers on all the chilli pods we use for harvesting our seeds.
You will see from the information in each review, the size, shape and heat you can expect from growing that particular species. This will help you decide on the right Chilli Plant for you.


Kefin Smith reviews the Naga Jolokia (Ghost Pepper)
This Kefin's first review for UK Chilli seeds
James reviews the Red Savina Habanero.
This is his first ever chilli review and we love it
James reviews the Red Savina Habanero.Part 2 James reviews the Red Savina Habanero.
Kefin Smith reviews the Red Savina Habanero
Ho my god. What a women. Please don't try this at home. Jane makes it look easy. Its not, honest. James Takes on the dreaded Naglah.
This is a real badboy
The Red Naglah - UK Chilli Seeds Review. Demolished James decides to chop his Monster Naga to bits
Great review of the Hot Jamaican.
This is a very tasty pepper and one we especially recommend
James from Chilli Junkies takles the Red Savina Habaner. This is his first review for UK Chilli Seeds
James takes on the Yellow Fatalii Worlds Hottest Pepper Vs 3 Thai's and a Englishman
First ever review from the US thanks to Brian. If you gat the time you need to check out Brians YouTube page its full of amazing stuff. https://www.youtube.com/user/352BrianM?feature=watch This is one of the hottest if not the hottest chilli's on earth. Beats me how you managed this but full marks mate.
Please check our shop for these awesome chilli seeds
Kefin has a little taster of the very nasty Moruga UV.
This is not a chilli to be messed with
Kefin Smith reviews this tasty little hot pepper from India. The Mizoram Birds Eye Chilli
Kefin Smith reviews the very hot Monster Naga pepper from the USA. Big and nasty.