How to Grow Chillis

The best time to sow your seed is January and February as they are the perfect months to get your plants going. When growing chilli's in the UK, early sowing is a must, your plants will need at least 90 to 100 days from sowing to producing ripe pods before the end of summer - although in a good summer they can still be sown right up until the end of April and still produce a successful crop.

Growing chillies from seed

It is always best to start sowing indoors as early as January. Some of the hottest varieties will often need the longest growing period. Chillies need to be kept warm to germinate so getting your self a heated propagator is money well spent. You can always try using a warm airing cupboard and cover the seeds with cling film or even a plastic bag. You need to sow your Chilli pepper seeds on the surface of a moist, free-draining, compost and cover with a fine sprinkling of compost or vermiculite. Place seed trays in a propagator at a temperature of 18-25C (64-77F) until germination, which usually takes 7-10 days but can take up to 6 weeks. Once your seeds have germinated, your chilli plants can be moved to a warm, sunny windowsill or a heated greenhouse.

If you prefer they can stay in the propagator. A great idea is to purchase a small 25w energy saving bulb, you can pick up a daylight balanced one for about £6, this can be placed above the propagator lid and will give your plants plenty of light,but remember to turn of the power to the propagator and prop the lid open to disperse the heat.

Always keep the compost evenly moist but take care not to let it get soaking wet.

Please note: If you follow the above and still have difficulty. we have a guarantee on all our seeds. If you don't achieve a minimum 70% germination on our seeds we will refund you in full or send you replacement seeds for free.