Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Peach. 10 x Seeds

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The Peach Moruga Scorpion is a very unusual but natural peach colored variant of the red Trinidad Moruga Scorpion.

The Red versions of the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion have more of a bitter flavor and can be described as a slightly acidic flavor.  Peach Scorpion has a much more smoother taste with far more sweetness.
Trinidad Green Scorpion plants are quite compact and produce a medium to large quantity of very hot peppers. The Plants do produce very large pods weighing as much as 18 grams or more. The peach pepper pods are not unlike other Scorpions in that they have a bonnet like look to them and are very twisted and gnarly looking. Some of the pods grow skinny tails but not as much as other Scorpion chili types.
Warning: The heat level is very high and is on a par with the Butch T Scorpion but this depends on good depending on growing conditions. The pods may have a yellow tint when ripe but most remain peach

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Code SEEDS-168
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