Hot Charleston Chilli 10 x Seeds

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The Hot Charleston is a kind of cayenne pepper that's very hot indeed. The Charleston Hot cayenne is said to be twenty times hotter than the  jalapeƱo.
The pepper was created by a plant pathologist named David Dukes who works for the Agricultural Research Service in South Carolina USA he dropped on this hot pepper purely by chance. He was at the time trying to breed a strain of cayenne resistant to a disease known as root knot, a disease that leaves plant roots all gnarly and stunts growth. Thinking the pepper smelled a bit pungent, he tried a sample and was more than shocked by the.

Gardeners will be very happy to know that Charleston Hot cayennes not only provide more heat per pepper, but they also yield a large amount of peppers per plant, too. Plus, each pepper grows approximately  six to eight inch in size. They start out as half-inch pods and just keeping getting bigger and hotter.
Measured at above 30,000 Scoville Units

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Product Code SEEDS-77


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