Helix Nebula - Space Chilli (HJ5) x 10 Seeds

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Growing Space Chillies

I find that germinating Hangjiao #5 space chilli Helix Nebula seeds is relatively simple, the young seedlings grow easily.

The plants reach 1 to 2 feet tall and flowered profusely. Space chilli flowers generally all set easily. The fruit grow quite slowly.

Space Chillies

Ten varieties of space chillies exist at the moment. All of the other countless millions of mutated plants were not desirable and the lines were grown out, assessed, and subsequently disposed of. They were not named and sold to gardeners as space curiosities, they were disposed of because they were simply not worth keeping.

This indicates that each of the 10 varieties of space chilli are rather exceptional in some way or another. There are reports that space breeding produces chillies that are far more nutrient dense than other varieties of chillies, unfortunately I have not been able to confirm or refute this claim as I do not have access to any reputable studies that have been conducted in this area. The Hangjiao #5 space chillies I grew were very productive and do grow reasonably large fruit.

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Product Code SEEDS-13HN
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