Black Hungarian Seeds x 10

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Product information

Beautifully bold and decidedly sweet…


Scoville heat units (SHU): 5,000 – 10,000
Jalapeño reference point: Equal heat to 4 times hotter
Origin: Hungary
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There’s a drama to the Hungarian black pepper that’s 100% its own. Its dark-hued skin turns to a rich jewel tone red as it ages, and it delivers a certain sweetness at maturity quite unlike other chilies in its heat range. This is a chili that fits both form and function, working beautifully as both an ornamental pepper and a culinary chili.

How hot are black Hungarian peppers?

The heat is very similar to a jalapeño’s spiciness, just with a higher floor and a somewhat higher ceiling. You won’t find black Hungarian peppers – when mature – that are ever as mild as a jalapeño could be, and they can reach the heights of the mildest possible serrano pepper. This is culinary-friendly heat – easily appreciated by even “on the fence” spicy food fans.

What do these chilies look like?

This is where black Hungarian peppers shine, truly. They have a shape much like a jalapeño, but with slightly thicker walls. They grow in a conical shape, up to three inches long, with a slight curve near the tip.

Technical specifications

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