Mulato Isleno Chilli Pepper Seeds x 10
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Mulato Isleno Chilli Pepper Seed x 10.   

Mulato Isleno Chilli Pepper is a heirloom chilli pepper that is very similar to to the Mexican Ancho Poblano in size and shape. Mulato Isleno Chillis are much sweeter in flavour and also much meatier and softer in texture than the Poblano. 
This chilli pepper are one of the most popular chillis in Mexico, where it is often used as one of the three main peppers in Mole Sauce.  This triangular fruit measures 6" long and 3" wide.  Mulato Isleno Chilli Pepper has a mild heat contained and a sweet rich flavour. 
The Scoville Heat Unit for this pepper is 500 to 1,500 units, which makes it nice and mildly spicy.  Mulato Isleno Chilli is much darker in colour than the Poblano. 
The peppers start out dark green turning to red then a black red as they fully ripen. 
Mulato Isleno Chillies are best harvested at the full maturity colour of black for the richest flavour.  Mulato Isleno Chili Pepper can be used fresh or dried.  We prefer to dry them.  We let them dry naturally, whole or in slices, rehydrating them in warm water before use.  They are usually blended and incorporate into sauces.  Drying them naturally puts them in a chewy raisin state.  The dried peppers smell like molasses and are wonderful used in candy and baked goods.  76 days until full maturity.

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