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March 2014 Update New Arrivals

March sees the arrival of the Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw.

In our honest opinion we think this is hotter than the Carolina Reaper and is on track to be the next world record holder for been the World’s hottest chilli. This thing is just plain evil.

 The story behind the Jigsaw

Years ago, a man in Finland known as Mr Jukka Kilpinen began growing the now famous Moruga Scorpion from seed, a long time before it was measured to be the hottest variety on earth, he started a breeding project which started with the original Moruga Scorpion variety. During that time it was totally unknown variety.
The idea of breeding the Moruga Scorpion into a hotter variety begun after tasting the original Moruga Scorpion.
He immediately figured out it was the hottest variety that he had ever tasted!
He figured out it could be selectively bred to be even hotter, by crossing the Moruga with a variety that had a similar heat to Moruga Scorpion. The chilli he crossed it with is unknown at the present time.
After several years of selective breeding, and selecting only the very hottest and the best tasting pods over several generations, the Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw variety was born!

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