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The 2014 Chilli Season Starts Now

004Christmas is upon us and the new season for us begins.

We first sow all our seeds for the new season in insulated 3 metre cheap and cheerful galvanized polytunnels.
These are kept between 10c and 19c using electrical heaters this helps to keep the humidity down and so prevents mould and rot. This is backed up by the use of small de-humidifiers set at around 60% humidity. We also save some of our best plants of the season and keep them through the winter in the same tunnels.
Once the seedling start to sprout we introduce artificial lighting to supplement the poor winter day length.
Lighting is provided from around 3pm till 10pm from December, this is adjusted as the days get longer.


Most of our seeds are germinated in Vitopod Heated Propagators. 002
The propagators allow us to keep a constant temperature of 27c. The plants will be kept in the Vitopods and under growlux lights until they become too large for the propagators. They will then go into 9cm pots and be moved indoors for around 8 weeks.
By this time and with a little luck the temperature outdoors will be high enough for us to move the plants into the main tunnels.

This year we have first sown 700 Carolina Reaper seeds these are already starting to germinate and we are hoping for a wonderful crop by August September 2014. We will also have plants for sale by the beginning of summer.





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