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Four More Reviewer

Hi everyone
Today we are happy to announce a further four new Video Reviewers.
Over the coming months we will be posting info related videos on all the different chilli plant species we grow for seeds and what you can expect from the plants in question.

The first on our list is the already well respected chilli reviewer Jane King

Jane has her very own you tube channel so go check out her crazy antics.
Jane has earned the reputation of one of the toughest ladies on the chilli scene.
We don’t think there is a chilli pod out there that can phase her. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC032clXSCWs5t0hFAgh7iEA

Next in line we have James Hughes
James is new to the video review scene but we are sure he will do just fine.


Next is our friend Mr James Read

James is no stranger to the chilli world and has produced many a review over the years.
He is the man behind the famous online store Chilli Junkies. So if you are in the market for hot sauce or any other chilli related product for that matter Chilli Junkies should be your first stop. Why not give James a visit on his facebook site.

Last but not least we have Kefin Smith


If your looking for an upbeat quirky reviewer with more than a touch of humour, this is the man for you.
After his second foray into the chilli review world Kefin is hooked. He last braved the mighty Naga Jolokia (Ghost Pepper). Check out Kefin on his youtube page.

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